Short Supply Chains and Counter-Culture Movements


We are conducting exploratory research on the relationships between sustainable and short food supply chains and counter-culture movements in the North West with a focus on understanding what characterises a sustainable diet in this context and mapping out existing options from both a food safety and nutrition perspective.

The Research Aim:

To identify, explore and map the existence and practices of sustainable short supply chains and counter-culture food communities in the North West.

Our Objectives:

  1. To identify, map and produce an overview of:
  • traditional, local and farmers’ markets in the North West.
  • food waste reduction initiatives and redistribution schemes in the North West including food hubs.
  • counter-cultural practices such as ‘dumpster diving’ or ‘freeganism’.

2. To consider the above in the context of nutritional options (dietary diversity) and food safety concerns (e.g. expiry dates, cross contamination) with a view to characterizing a sustainable diet.

3. To explore and identify best practices and potential barriers to best practices within these networks and areas for future research.