SusFoodNW launch event feedback


During our launch we asked each table of delegates to discuss and note down their responses to a series of questions posed after presenting our work packages, in order to help guide our collective research agenda. The questions and feedback from each table are presented below (click on the sheets to enlarge and scroll though):


How Sustainable is Food in the North West of England?


Feedback Questions:

  • Is a systematic understanding necessary to achieve sustainability?
  • Is the system best defined by geography, sector or issue?



Area-based and Settings-based Sustainable Food Strategies


Feedback Questions:

  • How do we enable large organisations to co-operate in solving sustainable food issues at a regional scale?
  • How can we feasibly meet the cost challenges which will be encountered in promoting sustainable food?


Short Food Supply Chains and Countercultural Movements


Feedback Questions:

  • What opportunities exist for the expansion of existing short food supply chains or food waste reduction activities in the North West?
  • What are some of the challenges and barriers to expanding such activities?



We are very grateful for all the responses!